Phyto Nectars Event

Phyto Nectars Event, 11/6/23, 2-4 pm. Serving Phyto cocktails, sound healing and yummy snacks.

Come and meet Katia and Michael for an amazing Phyto Nectars community event.

We will have alchemy crystal sonic sound bath with Lisa Pauley 

Phyto Cocktails,  Katia and Michael will be making Phyto Nectars in really beautiful and interesting ways for you to try.  We would love to meet you and talk all things Phyto.

Some delicious snacks, Katia will make some of her delicious infamous rice paper rolls and sweet treats infused with Phyto.

It's an opportunity to come together, meet like minded people and get some physical and mental healing...What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

People generally are social by nature, and high-quality social relationships can help us live longer, have healthier lives. This is why we wanted to create a community event, to spend time, heal and drink together.

Date: Sunday 11th of June

Time: 2-4 pm

Location:  Love Supreme Projects, 92 Golborne Rd, W10 5PS

More about  alchemy crystal sonic sound bath

As part of our session…

We will take time to relax with an alchemy crystal sonic sound bath with modern holistic practitioner Lisa Pauley. 

Crystal Sonic Sound Therapy is an ancient yet cutting edge holistic therapy that serves to support the rebalance, recalibration and renewal of your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual health.

Some of the benefits received through bathing in crystal sonic sounds include :

* a reduction of stress and anxiety and chronic fight or flight reactions

* a more relaxed state of mind

* relief for insomnia and sleep disorders through increasing the quality of sleep

* strengthening of the immune, endocrine and nervous systems

* supporting a calmer and more peaceful state of being

* whole body tension release

* the tangible clearance of blocked energy where it is needed

* aiding in the development of intuition and heightening of creativity and inspiration

* a feeling of rebalancing of the subtle energy within the chakras.

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