When we feel good, we have more capacity to do good. Our prime objective was to create products that harness the power of plants and mushrooms to supercharge your self-care.

We want to deepen your connection to the world of plants and mushrooms in an easy to use, effective and delicious format.  Our Phyto Nectars, fuse ancient plant traditions with modern scientific approaches to create pleasurable daily rituals. Each sachet contains potent, whole, extracted, and fermented plants and mushrooms, fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Phyto Nectars is our way of giving you the magic of nature in a cup.


Founder & Visionary

Katia Narain Phillips

Katia, the founder and visionary of Phyto Nectars has a career in health and wellness spanning over 20 years.  Katia is the co-author of three internationally best-selling books, including Self-Care for the Real World.  She's also a massage therapist, mother and celebrated natural foods chef who was hailed as a health food pioneer by Red Magazine. Katia’s mission is to help as many people feel the best version of themselves through what they eat and drink.

Herbalist & Formulator

Michael Isted

Michael is the herbalist and formulator of Phyto Nectars.  He’s a world-leading drinks consultant, a qualified phytotherapist (BSc Hons), nutritionist, aromatherapist, father and author.  He is dedicated to sharing and showing how we can integrate the beauty, joy and power of plants and mushrooms into our everyday lives.  Michael extracts and formulates by combining traditional and state of the art techniques to bring nature-centric wellness solutions to life.