Biotin for skin, hair and nails

Biotin or B7 is a water soluble - essential vitamin, it is an essential component of many metabolic processes such as the digestion and utilisation of fats, carbohydrates and amino acids. 

Biotin is involved in many enzymatic processes, when it comes to skin health, it’s a biological catalyst that triggers and supports chemical reactions that produce fatty acids.

Fatty acids are essential for skin health, radiant complexion, stronger nails and glossier hair. The enzymatic processes involved in the creation of fatty acids are dependent on Biotin to function properly. 

Biotin is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, helps to regulate blood sugar and is an essential part of immune function, which all indirectly play an important part in skin, hair and nail health. 

Biotin is an integral part of our Radiant and Focused formula for all these reasons.  

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