Do you ever get that autumn blues feeling after your summer holidays?

The stress kicks in and your holiday glow is about to go holiday dull in a matter of days.  You know you have to go back to work, and September to December is a long stretch with no bank holidays.  The clocks go back and the shorter days return.  The lack of light and cold weather brings with it the autumn blues also known as seasonal affective disorder.  This can take a toll on your immune system and your mind.

Signs you may be experiencing the autumn blues:

Symptoms last more than two weeks

Losing interest in activities you usually enjoy 

Low energy

Low mood

Difficulty concentrating

Over eating


Tips to help keep you sprightly during autumn blues :

Walk in nature.    There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” Fiennes

Support your defences, try our I Am Resilient daily, to “power up and on” your immune system with added Vitamin D.

Bring the outdoors in with plants and flowers in your home. 

Supercharge your mind:  Keep your mind strong with I Am Focused which will help you stay brilliant and bright with the support of ashwagandha to help prevent stress and anxiety and increase energy and endurance.

Eat well.  We often fall into the habit of eating really stodgy heavy food this time of year, so keep lots of greens in your diet!

Exercise, helps release happy hormones

Sunlight exposure: Get as much natural light as you can and when you don’t have it substitute it with a SAD bulb.  It's said that just 10 mins a day can help reduce symptoms caused by SAD.

Cold showers, this will help to release stress hormones and also teach you to put your monkey mind in the back seat and have more control over your emotions and fear. Why not end your shower with a burst of cold before you get out. Increase the cold exposure gradually.  reference Whim Hoff for more information.

Slow down:  Use this time to reflect and slow down, proactive journalling and a gratitude diary.

If you or someone you may know is suffering from clinical depression, please seek professional help.





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