Spring Equinox, New Moon and New Begingings

At Phyto Nectars, we celebrate nature. So, for this Spring Equinox we are offering you a free I AM RESILIENT with every order over £14.95 until the 27th March. (Just add your purchase to your cart with I AM RESILIENT and code NEWMOON23). With all this cosmic energy going on around us, Phyto Nectars is our way of giving you the magic of nature in a cup to support your wellbeing and happiness.  The theme of the next few days is new beginnings. 

New beginnings and transitions require RESILIENCE and STRENGTH, PHYSICALLY and  MENTALLY.  This is why  we have written on our box “when you feel good, you do good.”  When your immune system is working well, it’s like having roots, the wind can sway you but you will be firmly rooted.  When your immune system is down and you feel unwell and fatigued, change and decision making is harder.  That is why we developed I AM RESILIENT to help people feel good and energised so they have RESILIENCE.

The equinox is when day and night are equal lengths.  Have you noticed earlier sunrises and later sunsets?  Have you caught yourself surprised that it’s 6 pm and still light? Do you notice a change in your energy?  Has it increased?  Are you going out more and socialising?  The equinox with the new moon is a great opportunity to shed old patterns, thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you anymore, and call-in new intentions making new decisions on how you want your life to be.  Make the transition into spring soft and gentle remembering you are going from hibernation into awakening.  Think of a flower, the blossoming takes time. 

This New Moon is full of opportunity’s, energy, action and confidence.  It is the first of two New Moons in a row that falls in the sign of Aries.  The new moon in Aries is all about fire energy.  This Firestarter energy is a perfect time to make new decisions and intentions following the spring equinox, everything is aligned to make the magic happen. 

happy equinox and new moon

….manifest manifest manifest


A spring ritual written by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips from their book rituals for every day



 Just like the cycles of the moon, the changing seasons gives us another opportunity to tune into the natural world.  In all cultures there are rituals and ceremonies that celebrate the qualities of the seasons, and the moments when they peak or change.

We use rituals around the seasons to establish the clear end of one s tage and the beginging of another, and to reflect on our own endings and begingins. 

Spring Equinox Ritual

The equinox is a day of equilibrium, when the darkness of night and light of day are exactly equal lengths.  Equinoxes are a great time to think about equilibrium in your own life.  How balanced are you feeling right now.

We like to gather our friend’s ant each equinox to perform a little ritual together.  It is good to feel that your friends support your hopes, and that you can offer support for theirs too.


  • Prepare an altar, or perhaps just a table if you prefer.
  • Light a candle on the altar or table
  • Sit together in a circle and write down your dreams for the six months ahead.  Spring is the time to be thinking of planting seeds- new beginnings and possibilities. 
  • Share your intentions with the group then have everyone place their intentions in the altar.
  • You can place a crystal on top on the intentions.  We love sun pyrite for manifestation.
  • Leave the intentions in place as long as you can.
  • Take a moment of silence together to reflect on the possibilities and potential of the coming season.

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