Surviving the Season: Your Hangover Helper Guide for the Holidays

I'm not much of a drinker, but when the festive season swings by, I sometimes fancy a drink or two.

The thing is, my tolerance for alcohol is next to nothing. A single glass hits me like a ton of bricks.

Ever been there? The tossing, turning, regretting that drink, and swearing off alcohol forever? Been down that road a few times.  The morning after, I'm like a bear with a sore head, dragging myself around, feeling sorry for myself and staring out the window, hoping for a speedy recovery.

But hey, I've got good news. I've got the ultimate hangover cure that'll have you thanking me later.

First things first:

Keep hydrated.  Guzzle down water, sip on warm herbal teas, or try some ginger and lemon—hydration is your hangover's arch enemy.

Have a decent breakfast.   A nutritious breakfast the next day will fast-track your return to feeling human.

Introducing "I AM RESTED".   Alcohol messes with our magnesium levels, but fret not!  "I AM RESTED" before bed will not only help restore magnesium, improve your sleep but also calm your nerves and ease any alcohol-induced anxiety.

Take a Stroll.  You might not feel up for a hardcore workout, but getting outside, breathing in fresh crisp air, and taking a leisurely walk can work wonders.

In the morning stir up a "I AM RESILIENT".  It will replenish your Vitamin B for an energy boost, Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Selenium for your immune system, and Turmeric to soothe inflammation caused by last night's escapades.

Sleep.  No burning the midnight oil the following night. Stick to your regular bedtime routine for a quicker recovery.

Both blends will keep your blood sugar levels steady and keep you hydrated.

So, now you can party without the impending doom of a hangover.

Lots of love,

Drink responsibly.  Recover effectively. 

Katia 😉

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