Morning Rituals

A morning ritual can help you connect with yourself and set the tone for your day. It’s having enough time to create space to gather yourself, and your thoughts.  There is nothing worse for me than a wake up and go morning. The whole day will feel disjointed, and i’ll be stressed before the day has even started.  

I like to have the space, so I can set my mood and intention for the day, so when shxt happens, Im ready for it.

A morning ritual gives my body and mind transition time from sleep to wake, taking in the sunlight, slowly moving and stretching into the day, because like all of you know, wants it starts it doesn’t stop especially if you are a mother /father or have to care for others, down time is usually moments to grab and cease.  It is crucial for me to have that transition time in the morning and the evening to connect with myself.

In my book rituals for everyday (co authored with my amazing sister Nadia Narain) we give you some really simple rituals to kick start your morning.  You should check out the book.

Here are my three non negotiable’s in the morning:

Make the bed 

This is essential for me,  a small easy win.  US Admiral William McRaven gave a famous commencement speech in which he suggested that, if you want to change the world, you should start by making your bed, because the achievement of small tasks leads to the achievement of bigger ones.

Tidy the morning mess

I like everything to be put away and tidy before I leave the house, so when I get home I feel like Im ahead and not behind.  There’s nothing quite like coming home to a clean and tidy home.  ( as long as Im home before the kids)

Gather my thoughts with a hot drink

I don’t drink coffee, the side affects don’t agree with me, it causes me to be anxious and hurts my stomach, and my body isn’t ready to eat breakfast.  But I do like something warm and creamy, so I Am Focused is my go to morning ritual.  It kick starts my brain with 3 different mushrooms, Cordyceps, Maitake and Lions Mane, potent herbs, like Ginseng and Gotu Kola, and calms my nervous system with fermented Ashwagandha,  Who could ask for more?

I love the ritual of whisking my focused and adding my frothy milk, sitting with it at the dining table and setting my intentions for my day.

Allowing my mind and body to wake up, stimulated by the smell and taste of the Ginger and Cinnamon.   

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