Plant Chemicals

Plant/Phyto chemicals AKA - 'Secondary Metabolites'

Phyto-chemicals are created by the plants to increase their fitness, allowing them to interact with their environment and to deter or attract pathogens, animals and insects. Plants have developed and evolved secondary biochemical pathways that allow them to synthesize a raft of chemicals, often in response to specific environmental stimuli, such as herbivore-induced damage, pathogen attacks, and nutrient depravation.

These chemicals are our therapeutic, flavour & scent compounds, the holy grail for us here at Phyto Nectars, we are obsessed with capturing & intensifying those magical chemicals with as much integrity as possible, maintaining the vitality and personality of that plant. 

We combine plant secondary metabolites with whole plants, fruits and extracted mushrooms to create delicious tasting daily rituals that not only connect us with nature but make us feel great and look great.  


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