need to increase your libido?

As you may or may not know we created I AM RADIANT to support skin health inside and out, looking at not only what happens on the surface but what happens beneath. So taking an holistic approach we created a blend that supports the nervous system – stress levels – hormonal balances – immunity –  circulation and digestion as well as adding targeted ‘skin’ nutrients.

However we have had some very sensual feedback on I am Radiant from a number of women who are finding some pleasant aphrodisiac and sexually stimulating actions from the blend.

Traditionally an aphrodisiac is a substance that increases libido – sexual desire and promotes fertility.  Sex is indispensable and should be an integral part of every individual, it can be a source of great pleasure, deep fulfilment and a vital part of being well.

We wanted to dive into some of the herbs and mushrooms both from the bedside and laboratory bench that will be igniting those aphrodisiac properties.  

Shatavari – Used in traditional Indian – Ayurvedic medicine, the root and extract of the root is used as a reproductive tonic and for treating sexual disorders (as well as a host of other actions). It is known for its rejuvenating properties and for increasing vitality particularly in women – Shatavari has been studied for its aphrodisiac properties and has been found to significantly increase aphrodisiac activity.

Ginger – a classic warming - peripheral circulatory stimulant  - research highlights its ability to add some fire to the bedroom with increased aphrodisiac activity. It has and is still used across many cultures for its sexually enhancing qualities.

Tremella Mushroom – Tremella is known as the ‘fountain of youth’ for a reason, a rejuvenating Qi tonic packed with anti-oxidant polysaccharides. Tremella is circulatory stimulating and is considered a useful aphrodisiac in traditional Chinese medicine, counteracting dryness with its moisturising properties – helping to maintain beauty, radiance and youthfulness.

Lycium barbarum – goji berry – has been studied for its pro-sexual effects – used traditionally in China to increase sexual desire as well as for its anti-aging, protection of reproductive tissue and for its anti-oxidant potential.

Lycopene – extracted from tomatoes is a powerful anti-oxidant – the aphrodisiac qualities of tomato and watermelon are thought to be due to their high lycopene content. 

Pomegranate – considered a good traditional aphrodisiac in India and in the Middle East – it symbolises fertility, rebirth, health and vitality. Studies have shown increased sexual activity post consumption of pomegranate fruit extract

Plus look out for a more targeted aphrodisiac Phyto-Nectar in the future..

Disclaimer – we cannot guarantee orgasms and these formulae are not specifically designed for infertility

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