Rain rain go away come back another day…. Or stay and let me play?

The short dark days with the addition of constant rain can make it harder to get motivated, but what if I taught you a little trick, that could turn around how you feel about the rain.

You can often hear us Brits complain about the rain, we certainly get enough of it. Our short dark January days with the added rain, results in choosing to stay inside more, moaning, and feeling rather gloomy.  When we do go outside, we are scurrying around with our heads down trying to dodge the drops of rain.

But did you know that going out in the rain is actually uplifting and invigorating? 

So I have a little challenge for you…. 

I’m pretty sure its scheduled to rain all week, so choose a day.  Dress weather appropriately and go for a walk in the rain.  Try not to have any distractions.  Allow your face to get wet and feel every drop of water land on you.  Hear the water fall to the ground. Feel the temperature on your skin and open your mouth and taste the rain. Notice the wind against your wet face and howling through your ears.  Smell the petrichor scent (earthy smell associated with rain.)  Did you know this smell is proven to calm your mind and body?

All your senses will be stimulated and you will feel alive, invigorated and uplifted.

This exercise teaches us a few things:

  • That we can’t control things, and have to learn to be adaptable and find the good in any situation.
  • Going for a walk will always make you feel better
  • To be mindful and present
  • Self regulation - to be able to change your mood by the actions you take

And remember there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes.

When I get home from a rainy day or cold swimming I always reach for a I AM RESILIENT, I get the added benefit of the plant and mushroom power to support my immune system, uplift me and reduce fatigue.  Plus my recommended daily allowance of vitamin D.


Enjoy the rain …..


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