Self-Care Budget

We’ve learned through trial and error that you can’t just keep your fingers crossed when it comes to self-care, and hope you’ll find a time to fit it in. You have to make a plan, and commit to it.

And, like any plan, it needs to be flexible.  One week you’ll have loads of free time, the next week you might have none, the next week maybe you have visitors, or you’re sick in bed. A good self-care plan can flow with all of this. Don’t let life get in the way of looking after yourself. Schedule your self-care like a night out, and stick to it!

Take a look at the Self-Care Budget worksheet.

Be realistic about the week ahead – huge presentation at work? You’re probably not going to be getting
to an exercise class in your lunch hour, but you can schedule in a ten-minute walk to get out of the office and refresh yourself. Visitors all weekend? Make some space for yourself first thing in the morning, before everyone else starts demanding your time.

These small moments may seem insignificant in themselves, but you’re adding to the savings in your self-care bank instead of drawing on them all the time and draining yourself in the process.

The key to the self-care plan is to keep it flexible. Things will change in your week, and your plan will need to change too, but keep your ten daily minutes of self-care no matter what. You deserve it.


Before you start can I suggest, get cozy, dim the lights, make a I AM RESTED, which will help to calm your nervous system, feel less anxious, relax you, melt into the sofa and give you a great quality of sleep so you wake up feeling fresh.

" OK WOW!  I had my second rested last night and have had yet another extremely great sleep!  I can't remember the last time I was able to get sleep so peacefully, sleep for over 6 hours uninterrupted and wake up not feeling groggy.  I'm very impressed."  Debs Wallbank ( Menopause coach)

The self-care budget worksheet

First put in your time commitments for the coming week. Work, going out, household responsibilities. You’re doing this to identify where you might be able to find the space for your self-care.

Once you have a picture of how the week ahead looks, schedule in your self-care. Ten minutes a day, non-negotiable.

Fit it in wherever you can, but commit to it every single day. If you need a reminder of what that might look like, refer back to your self-care list from week one to remind yourself of the things that make you feel great.

We have put a few small achievable self-care examples in to start you off... You can do as few or as many as you can commit and stay consistent with it.

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